SCOPT Analytics: Optimizing and Transforming Supply Chains for Global Enterprises with Business Consulting and Analytics Solutions

CIO Vendor Supply Chains across industries are going through significant challenges due to globalization of business, highly demanding consumers and proliferation of products. Supply chain can ‘make’ or ‘break’ an enterprise and hence data-driven decision-making is imperative to make supply chains efficient, responsive and resilient.

Data Analytics has evolved significantly in the last few years and has played a meaningful role in improving supply chain performance. However, there are still major fundamental concern areas around disparate data sources and quality of data leading to skewed insights and wrong business decisions. Data integrity and quality issues are inevitable, but they are not un-resolvable either. Hence, Enterprises need to make a proactive effort to fix data quality issues at source as much as possible and also leverage various data cleansing techniques before applying advanced analytics to achieve a robust ‘data-driven business’ culture.

SCOPT Analytics’ founding team has decades of global experience in supply chain domain and digital technologies to comprehend the needs and challenges of supply chain stakeholders and deliver transformation solutions. SCOPT Analytics has codified its domain, technology and execution know-how as ready-to-deploy cloud hosted platforms and consulting blueprints to deliver both short-term and long-term business solutions at speed. “We pride ourselves in solving supply chain business problems for our global customers at speed with minimal touch-time with customers leveraging flexible and innovative engagement models,” highlights Srinivas G R, Co-Founder of SCOPT Analytics.

Demand Forecasting Platform
DEM-SENSE is SCOPT Analytics’ proprietary cloud hosted Demand Forecasting Platform and has the following unique features to deliver accurate forecasts at granular levels
• Ability to integrate external data sources (in addition to Enterprise data sources)
• Ability to capture tribal knowledge / business inputs from business users
• Multiple forecasting approaches (Top-down, Bottom-up, Middle-out)
• Auto-pick best fit statistical and ML algorithms dynamically
• Granular forecast along 3 dimensions – Product, Geography & Time
• Customizable forecast KPIs

“Our cloud platforms are fully managed, highly configurable, customizable and can be deployed in weeks. These platforms are available for subscription with Bronze, Silver & Gold license variants and the price is less compared to the cost of hiring a full-time data scientist,” adds Srinivas G R.

Network Optimization Platform
OPT-NET is SCOPT Analytics’ proprietary cloud hosted Network Optimization Platform and has the following comprehensive set of features
• Deep-dive cost analysis of baseline network and identify major cost drivers
• Create ‘what-if’ business scenarios and configure business rules and constraints
• Simulate network cost for ‘what-if’ business scenarios and compare various business scenarios
• Optimize total landed cost for any business scenario across all legs of supply chain

Our cloud platform is fully managed, highly configurable, customizable and can be deployed in weeks

“Our ability to simulate business scenarios and identify opportunities for network optimization is a significant differentiator for our platform. We offer Network Modeling as a service leveraging our highly customizable and configurable platform in a subscription model,” adds Srinivas G R.

Business Consulting & Analytics Services
SCOPT Analytics offers Data Engineering, Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics & Visualization services for the following functional areas within Supply Chain domain leveraging its proprietary consulting blueprints
• Order Fulfillment
• Inventory Optimization
• Sales & Operations Planning
• Warehouse Operations Optimization
• Procurement Optimization
• Outbound Transport Optimization
• Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling.