Nu-Pie A Decision Science Company: Unlocking Business Value Through Data Analytics

CIO Vendor Realizing the potential of data-driven strategies in running a successful business, a huge number of SMEs and MSMEs in India are now tapping into the relatively untapped domain of Predictive Analytics, giving a major push for Data Analytics market in the country. According to a report by Analytics India, the Analytics market size which is at USD 3.03 billion in 2019 is set to double by 2025. The report shows that over the last few years, small and mid-size Indian companies have seen more big data deployments than the large scale enterprises. Advancements in the field of Data Analytics and robust analytical tools are helping the resource-constrained small scale enterprises accomplish their business goals and improve revenue in a short span of time with informed-decision making.

However, looking at Data Analytics through the prism of data insights for short term revenue gains, which is currently being practiced by a lot of peers in the market, is sort of limiting its immense possibilities. Data Analytics techniques which can be applied to varied areas including Management Reporting, Risk Assessment, Supply Chain Management, Working Capital etc. could certainly prove to be instrumental in ensuring all-round development for businesses irrespective of size and domain. This where Nu-Pie positions itself in the industry by delivering end-to-end Decision Science and Data Analytics services to help enterprises accelerate the business growth with better decision making, risk assessment and working capital optimization.

End-to-end Data Analytics Solutions for Holistic Growth
Nu-Pie, a company specialized in Management Consultancy, IT Consultancy and Data Science offers a wide range of data analytics services such as Management Reporting Services, Risk Analytics Solutions & Services, Supply Chain Analytics and Working Capital Analytics etc. “With the advent of advanced tools and systems to capture data easily, data has emerged as a highly resourceful asset for business from which one can derive actionable insights to facilitate decision making and improve their processes. Advanced Text Analytics and Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help businesses accelerate the automation and gain greater traction for datadriven decision making,” opines CA Jerrin Thomas, CEO, Nu-Pie, about the scope of Data Analytics Consulting Services.

Nu-Pie follows a detailed Data Analytics methodology to unlock business value for clients wherein it prioritizes the understanding of the client’s business requirements which is followed by data modelling. After data modelling, the selection of right combination of technology tools is done to deliver a highest quality Data Analytics services for clients keeping in mind their short term and long term business objectives. The company leverages data visualizations to deliver actionable insights for quick decision making. “We explore deep into the client’s business operations to understand the processes and complexities involved. Effective data modelling helps us better analyse and visualize the data to arrive at an optimal solution for the problem. We then design standardized and custom business analytics solutions that are in line with client’s business objectives and which help them drive productivity. We focus on the right mix of data modelling and technology tools to deliver insights that enable quick decision making. We strongly believe in experimenting with data in every way possible to identify the best suitable Data Analytics Solutions; for example in predictive analytics solutions, we throw as many solutions as possible to increase the success rate of the predictive algorithm,” explains Thomas about the unique methodology to add value to the client’s businesses through data analytics solutions.

Intelligent Management Reporting Services Using Analytics
Management Reporting acts as a source of success for enterprises and helps them unravel the complexities in different areas of the business. Effective management reporting is vital for generating reports to analyse the enterprise data and study market trends which help organisation achieve inclusive growth. However, management reporting through manual process is time consuming and could hardly hit the mark in achieving desired results. Nu-Pie’s Management Reporting using analytics provides businesses with accurate data insights and helps them save a lot of time and money in developing reports. Intelligent Management Reporting Services using analytics co-relates the operational data inputs and uncovers complex data patterns to deliver data-driven insights for informed decision making.

“Businesses today have recognised the importance of predictive insights in finance in shaping their business strategy and are slowly coming out of the web of year by year financial statements and reports. We help companies set a process in place for data analytics in management reporting. We understand their pain points in reporting, be it data consolidation or scattered data in different applications or significant manual activities to
generate insights or large quantum of data which current processes cannot handle. Based on this understanding, we develop strategies and processes with the right kind of technology tools to solve the business problem and improve productivity,” elaborates Thomas about the company’s Management Reporting services. Nu-Pie has helped a large FMCG client transform their management reporting services by reducing the time for analytics by about 86 percent. This in turn helped them save about 50 percent of the cost. The organization is now able to speed up their growth rate by utilizing data to take better decisions.

By leveraging its cross domain knowledge of Finance & Accounting, Retail and Technology industries, Nu-Pie provides cost effective data analytics solutions to clients

Ensuring Business Continuity with Risk Analytics
In today’s dynamic business environment which is always prone to disruptions, it is imperative for businesses to have in place effective and novel risk assessment strategies in order to identify and minimize the risks. Risks are an eternal part of commercial world, but how you deal with them often determines the success of any business. Nu-Pie through its Risk analytics solutions enables businesses to measure, quantify and predict risk with precise certainty. Risk Analytics helps the management in understanding and managing risks and empowers them to take risk mitigating measures well in advance. “First we determine the potential risks that the business might face. All the negative events that could occur are weighed against the measure of likelihood that an event will occur. Then we estimate the extent of the impact if the event happens and accordingly plan the future course of action to ensure business continuity for our clients,” says Thomas explaining the company’s approach towards minimizing the risks. “We combine the power of analytics to analyse 100% of population and detect early warning signs or potential red flags within the business processes. The results are shared on a real-time basis to the audit team to help in identifying root cause, eliminating false positives and giving feedback on the data model,” he adds.

Better Working Capital Management for Improved ROI
Working capital management plays an important role in ensuring the continuity of day-to-day business operations of an enterprise. Effective working capital management is crucial for the businesses as businesses operating on low working capital enjoy higher probability for profits. However, businesses are hindered in the process due to lack of visibility across the enterprise operations coupled with huge data. Nu-Pie through its Working Capital Analytics service helps businesses manage their working capital in a more efficient manner that enables them to tackle challenges. It helps them reduce the working capital requirements to ensure maximum profits. It also delivers triggers to the management about the actions to be taken on real-time basis. “Our working capital Analytics involves four quadrants which include Receivables, Payables, Inventory and Cash. In the Receivable quadrant, we analyse and cross reference the data to significantly build strong collection strategies and focus on improving the receivable turn around ratio. Payable quadrant is about analysing the capital spend of the companies to improve the payable turnover ratio to match working capital requirements and vendor satisfaction. In Inventory quadrant, we analyse the data to optimize the inventory turnover ratio and show a clear path to identify slow moving and obsolete inventory. In Cash quadrant, we predict the cash required for future and help organizations plan their funds in an efficient manner,” explains Thomas about Working Capital Analytics service that helps businesses better manage their working capital.

Apart from Management Analytics Services, Risk Analytics Solutions & Services, Working Capital Analytics, Nu-Pie also offers data analytics consulting services such as Customer Feedback Analytics, Profitability Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics and HR analytics. By leveraging its cross domain knowledge of Finance & Accounting, Retail and Technology industries, the company provides cost effective data analytics solutions to the clients. With prime focus on small and medium size enterprises, the company delivers end-to-end data analytics solutions to help businesses exploit the data for better outputs. Nu-Pie, a Bangalore based decision science company with operations in India and USA is planning to expand its footprint into Canada and Middle East in the next two years, foreseeing colossal business opportunities for data analytics consulting services in these regions.