DataVal Analytics: Making Decision Making of Businesses Future-ready for the Data-driven World

CIO Vendor As Data Science industry has been witnessing major disruptions in the last few years; its role has moved beyond from being a mere add-on benefit for business modelling to a current necessity in shaping one’s business performance. Hence, businesses irrespective of industry verticals are building up their analytics capabilities so as to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive market. Also, the shift towards intelligent automation, AI and machine learning, is considerably changing the face of data and analytics services. As the amount of data being generated is growing astronomically with number of connected devices likely to touch 200 billion by 2020, one can clearly see that we will be living in a completely world where decision making is data-driven.

Aiding businesses in discovering the value of their Data by perfectly understanding their client’s business and pain-points, DataVal Analytics is a promising start-up managed by veterans from the Indian Army, and has been hand-holding clients in their crucial Data Analytics Journey. They are lucky to be mentored by Dr. Sam Pitroda. With a rich experience of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science, the company with its talented team of passionate professionals has been on a mission to provide the best solution for its clients from various industry verticals across the globe; enhancing their operational efficiency and ensuring top-line growth. The company has been enabling data integration, exploration, analysis and visualization to meet business requirements with optimal performance capability to handle data in real time, hence delivering valuable insights.

“The biggest differentiator is that we have a robust team with technical expertise combined with a rock-solid integrity and value system. Our domain knowledge expertise and passion for accuracy in results, sets us apart from our competitors. We have vertical based engagement models which by now are time tested and matured with proven Products and Services in Agriculture, Human Resource and Face Recognition with Edu-Chatbot and E-KYC being the latest addition to this list,” highlights Col Haridas M, Co-Founder & CEO, DataVal Analytics.

Some of the industry verticals that the company has been successfully catering to:
Agriculture – Creating a free market place for the farmers and the buyers
to directly buy/sell the farm produce, thereby eliminating the middlemen ecosystem completely. Also, they provide Crop Classification, Acreage calculation & Yield Prediction using Satellite, soil and Weather data.

We not only believe in an inclusive growth, but we focus on a broader picture of supporting the Make in India initiative launched by the government and committed towards making India a $ 5 Trillion economy

Telecom - Customer Churn Prediction, Network Optimization, Location based service enhancement.

Enterprise, Government & Defence - HR Analytics, Dash-boarding, Open Source Intelligence, Identity De-Duplication, Smart Cities Data Analysis, Face-recognition based access control, Image analytics, eKYC, and Pollution Control.

E-Commerce & Retail -Customer Churn Prediction and Behaviour Analysis, Association Pattern Mining, Recommendation Engines, Real-time Discount offers, Markdown Optimization, Sales forecasting, Entity Resolution, and eKYC.

IoT - Setting up IoT Labs for training the youth to make them job ready with skill-sets required in AI and ML.,

BFSI - Association Pattern Mining, eKYC and Chatbots for a better operations and productivity.

Entertainment & News Networks – Provides Application Log Analysis, Recommendation Engines, Customer Segmentation, Advertising Serving Optimization.

“We not only believe in an inclusive growth, but we focus on a broader picture of supporting the Make in India initiative launched by the government and committed towards making India a $ 5 Trillion economy. We are also in the process of applying for Patents in India, as well as in USA,” concludes Col Haridas M.