Cogniticx: Optimizing the Cost of Data Science Adoption

CIO Vendor Over the last decade there has been a tremendous increase in understanding and cognizance of utilizing data science capabilities to optimize business outcomes, achieve competitive advantage and increase profitability. However, investing in astronomically priced software applications and hiring data scientists or developing in-house data science skills is often seen as time consuming, inefficient resource allocation and a drain on the costs. Therefore, companies today are looking towards Data Science solution providers who would solve their business problems without huge investments in capex and skills.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Gurgaon headquartered Cogniticx, with its discovery platform for data science consulting services, helps the clients seeking analytics services connect with service providers who bring in cutting edge analytics skills. This platform is aimed at democratizing the consumption and delivery of data science globally. Cogniticx is well poised to be the trendsetter in the data science consulting services space by offering the on-demand, outcome-based option for clients. For clients who need data science consulting services, Cogniticx aims to play a stellar role in bringing down the cost of adoption of data science as well as improve success rates due to its razor sharp focus on delivering outcomes.

Discovery Platform
Cogniticx is aimed at empowering both the clients and the service providers by ensuring that each party meets its business objectives effectively with optimal costs and minimum administrative overhead. With its platform delivery model, Cogniticx offers a huge scalability option to its clients. Unlike most service companies that rely exclusively on their internal talent pool, and are exposed to the similar hiring and attrition risks as their clients, Cogniticx leverages its platform to offer its clients the option to have the best combination of technology, experience and domain skills for every data science requirement that a client may have.
Cogniticx is primarily aimed at bridging the gap in big data consulting industry in India, providing a unique platform that aspires to help the entrepreneurs become ‘datapreneurs’. Cogniticx platform aims to help the rising entrepreneurial aspirations of the youngest global population by facilitating a new generation of entrepreneurs – The DataPreneurs, who typically start as solopreneurs on the platform, which may eventually branch out as boutique data science firms, fostering innovation at the grassroot level.

We build intelligent ML algorithms that analyze our customers’ activities and compare it to millions of other customers with similar traits

Empowering Businesses with unmatched benefits of ML
AI & ML powered business applications enable faster decision making, increased productivity, business process automation and faster anomaly detection. Cogniticx empowers businesses with the unmatched benefits of machine learning, enabling them to interpret complicated data, detect trends and identify patterns in it. The company helps its clients identify ideal product mixes and next-best offers that can be target delivered, leading to higher response rates and an improved marketing ROI.

“We build intelligent ML algorithms that analyze our customers’ activities and compare it to millions of other customers with similar traits. These algorithms power our clients’ recommendation engines that make contextualized suggestions of products and services to their customers,” says Rishi Bagga, Co-Founder and COO, Cogniticx.

Moving forward, Cogniticx is planning to work extensively with educational institutions and universities in order to promote employable and industry related skills.