Analytical Wizards: Transforming Healthcare with Advanced Analytics

CIO Vendor Pharma and life sciences industry is faced with continually evolving regulatory environments, dip in R&D productivity, need for improved growth and profitability and the impact of digitization. However, this changing environment is laying a foundation for the use of data requirements that can be leveraged to drive life sciences and pharma analytics. However, just adopting big data and data science will not prove to be beneficial but implementing it right will help derive insights that will propel strategic business decisions. Organizations need to partner with the right solution provider that can help them reexamine and improve conventional R&D, profitability and supply chain model in response to this changing environment along with helping them attain better insights across multiple datasets.

Built from the ground up to serve its customers to analyze data at a quick pace that will drive cutting-edge performance across the organization is Analytical Wizards, headquartered in New Jersey and operations running in Bengaluru. The company revolutionizes businesses through data science and analytics by combining its AI/ML powered technology, domain expertise and High touch Relationship model. “Best in-class solutions that are efficient, provide timely powerful insights, and remain sustainable yet flexible over time are sought after. We, at Analytical Wizards, win because we create value for our customers. Our domain expertise, technical acumen and trust with customers enable us to create value that is difficult to surpass,” says Ashish Jha, Head of Operations of Analytical Wizards, Bengaluru.

Harnessing the power of AI/ML and advanced statistical models, the customizable cloud-based solutions answer a customer’s key concerns across the value chain and create efficiencies in how clients develop, market and manage its drugs throughout the lifecycle.
Assuring Optimal Performance
Empowering businesses is IZE, a cloud-based Big Data platform driven by AI/ML that has been developed with the ability to seamlessly integrate a client’s datasets and process Big Data to create analytics-ready data layers that enable clients to efficiently mine insights from multiple data sources. The highly flexible platform with a robust architecture is equipped to process, structure and visualize data that translates to powerful insights on all aspects of Business, Brand and Market performance. “Clients utilize IZE to identify patients, accelerate clinical trial enrolment and optimize trial design within clinical development teams. It helps HEOR teams understand key health outcome measures for a brand and market, and Commercial Marketing, Sales & Access teams to track brand and market performance,” adds Ashish.

We, at Analytical Wizards, win because we create value for our customers. Our domain expertise, technical acumen and trust with customers enable us to create value that is difficult to surpass

Performing complex marketing analytics for better business performance, WIZ, an omni-channel marketing analytics platform, another core offering of the company, creates efficiency by running models in a cloud-based environment. Having worked with renowned clientele across the globe, the team of professionals at Analytical Wizards have generated up to 20 percent gain in incremental sales from non-liner optimization techniques, 30 percent increase in cost efficiency from profit optimization and nearly 50 percent gain in productivity.

Having made significant contributions to this sector, Analytical Wizards envisions continuing to serve its clients with state-of-the art solutions in advanced analytics.