Amlgo Labs: Making Data Analytics And Reg-Tech Solutions Simple..

CIO Vendor The unprecedented growth in the data generation has led businesses to make use of data analytics strategies to get business insights from the enterprise data by deploying big data technologies or by outsourcing the data analysis to a third party firm. However, the most critical part of the data analysis is to identify and understand the complex unstructured data residing in the database, which is then followed by organizing of the identified data so as to derive data driven insights. Unfortunately, most of peers in the market who promise to deliver feasible solutions fall flat in practice while ensuring the quality particularly in the banking & finance and pharmaceutical domains owing to regulatory compliances and lack of responsiveness to the external market and environment. This is where Amlgo Labs, an advanced analytics and machine learning consulting company positioned itself in the industry by delivering end-to-end solutions to help businesses derive business insights from the sea of data for informed decision making.

Three-step Strategy to Exploit Data
Amlgo Labs, a company based in Bangalore and Gurgaon offers a wide range of data analytics services which include fraud risk analytics, regulatory and compliance analytics, script analytics, customer analytics, sales and marketing analytics, social media analytics, web analytics and supply chain analytics etc. to majorly banking & finance and pharmaceutical industries. “Our dedicated team of data scientists and data engineers engages with our client to understand their business problems and decides a way on how they can be helped. First we collect data from various downstream system of our client, and then descriptive analytics is performed to present the data in the form of interactive charts or reports so that clients can easily understand it. Finally using machine learning algorithms we do predictive analytics to deliver business insights or to
forecast the future scenario etc. depending on the client’s requirements,” elaborates Ajay Yadav about their three step approach. In the predictive analytics, the company has performed image classification, voice recognition and advanced video analysis. For a client in the pharmaceutical industry, the company has successfully delivered HR analytics and helped them formulate better HR policies to retain their employees.

Our dedicated team of data scientists and data engineers engages with our client to understand their business problems and decides a way on how they can be helped

Facilitating Regulatory Reporting of Banks & Financial Firms
Apart from Data Analytics services, Amlgo Labs also provides Regulatory Reporting & Risk Modelling and Data Visualization services. Under Under the regulatory reporting and risk modelling, the company helps banks and financial institutions in the submission of their regulatory reports to the authorities such as such as EBA, MAS, RBI etc by providing necessary technical assistance and technological tools. To help businesses better understand the performed data analysis and insights, the company provides interactive dashboards using Tableau and Power BI which facilitate the decision making.

Being a company responsive to the external market, Amlgo Labs helps its clientele across India, US, UK and Australia by delivering insights that give an extra edge to them in this competitive environment. “Unlike other vendors who try to cater to every business vertical, we specifically focus on two particular segments: Advanced data analytics with Data Science and Reg-Tech. We manage to address each and every issue of our clients from these segments," concludes Ajay Yadav.