InfrasoftTech - A Complete Big Data Analytics Solution for Financial Enterprises

CIO Vendor After almost a decade of struggle, Banks and Financial services organizations have finally started deriving advantages out of Big Data analytics. Treating major hurdles of Big Data analytics like high costs, lack of strategy and a dearth of analytics talent, now banks are using the data to generate insights that can enhance the customer experience. It will also provide them with better understanding of customer needs. InfrasoftTech, a specialist software solutions provider for global financial enterprises since 1995, has developed innovative solutions that have persistently benefitted banks and financial organizations. InfrasoftTech has built innovative solutions and products leveraging Big Data concepts specifically around the financial domain.

With the ability to handle vast sources of data and extract valuable information through predictive analysis, InfrasoftTech enables clients to leverage their information assets to achieve the end goal more effectively, be it in Banking, Asset Management or Insurance domain. “Our prime focus is to identify sources of data and the analytical capability that can be derived from these to bring higher value to the organization in addition to enhancing customer experience”, mentions Rajesh Mirjankar, CEO.

The industry is seeing a huge interest shift towards Big Data and the advantages it will bring to the organization in terms of optimization and automation of resources and cost along with a better and enriched customer experience. The Analytics and the data mining capabilities with the Big Data framework are the focal point for most organizations.

As part of its Fraud detection and pattern recognition capabilities, InfrasoftTech provides innovative and effective
solutions; extending these capabilities by building solutions around predictive analysis including “InfrasoftTech has a huge set of knowledge and offerings built around the customers for their interactions including social media & multi channel collaboration and around the banks for service offering which delivers enhanced CRM, enriched client reporting and improved risk management ” says Mirjankar.

complex self learning algorithms. It is constantly working towards analyzing and aggregating client interactions as well as enriching client and business experiences by optimizing resources and bridging the gap by allowing business to make more informed decisions.

InfrasoftTech provides cost effective Solutions that are able to integrate disparate sources of data without necessarily storing them in data warehouse and still provide meaningful information

With the growing digital age, companies are struggling to map huge amounts of data. They have to arrive at radical conclusions, which would help them make more informed and better decisions. InfrasoftTech provides cost effective solutions that are able to integrate disparate sources of data without necessarily storing them in data warehouse and still provide meaningful information for decision-making. Using a combination of cloud and crowd sourcing techniques, current traditional solutions are extended to provide Big Data solutions. This unyielding dedication to provide a complete solution for small and medium sized banks might explain the organization’s continuous improvement programs to leverage new technologies & concepts and stay ahead of competition in their chosen domain. In the near future, the company’s course of action shall continue to be in the direction of nurturing stronger relations with the financial enterprises, making Big Data and these enterprises a natural fit for each other.